Signed Henry Carlile Rifle SOLD

Henry Carlile worked in Shippensburg Pennsylvania and was taxed as a Gunsmith from 1818 to 1847.  It is also believed that he is the master that apprenticed the famous gunsmith J.H. Johnston.  This fine rifle is a wonderful example of his work.  It is stocked in a brilliant piece of curly maple and still retains most of its original finish.  The 40 inch octagon barrel is still rifled and also retains the original muzzle decoration.  The 4 piece brass patchbox exhibits 3 piercings and some of Carliles best engraving.  The lock is also engraved and matches the design motifs of the patchbox.  The sideplate is engraved as well as the silver wrist inlay.  There is also a silver cheek inlay with a fully engraved eagle and shield motif.  The rifle is fully carved with Henry Carliles classic smooth and flowing composition.  This is a very nice rifle that exhibits a lot of quality and is a great example of some of Henry Carliles best work.

Price: $5800.00