Success In the Field

David Woolsey has one of our Pa Mountain Rifle Kits.  He sent us these pictures and I asked him if he had a story to go along with them.  This was his Reply…

Well….  I looked for a simple well made rifle in .50 or .54 and the Cabin Creek PA Mountain Rifle fit the bill. I bought her used and looked for a year before I found her. (Not too many of them are found being offered for sale "used"… maybe cause they are such good rifles!)
I settled on 70 grains of 3Fg and a .530 ball with pillow ticking patch. At 100 yards from a bench she shot less than a 3" group.
The first day of the MD early ML season at about 8 a.m. this four pointer showed up heading for a group of does hidden in some hedges. He never made it. At 60 yards he went broadside to me and I made a vital-spot shot.
My first deer with that rifle. It was 06 and the rifle was then named "Gertrude" which means "strong spear" in German. "Trudy" (for short) has taken 6 deer in the past 5 years some as far away as 110 yards.
She was second hand when I bought her; she won t be up for sale ever again.