Superior Shooting Bag SOLD

This high quality, handmade bag was produced for the discriminating hunter, shooter, re-enactor or collector. It is entirely hand sewn from traditionally bark tanned deer and exhibits a multitude of unique, useful and pleasing features that are too many to list. It’s historically accurate design is based on a fine original Pennsylvania German hunting pouch that perfectly blends the mediums of art, function and superior craftsmanship. The leather has been professionally worked and conditioned into a soft and pliable form that displays the deep, rich color and glow of a well maintained original. Some of the deer hair has been intentionally left on the underside of the flap for a more authentic effect. The strap is fit with a hand forged iron buckle and attached to the bag with forged iron rings, and is fully adjustable. The bag measures 9 inches tall by almost 10 inches wide at the bottom. If you are looking for a historically correct bag made from high quality authentic materials, constructed with superior craftsmanship and containing unique and artistic embellishments, please give this bag serious consideration.

Price: $550.00