Type G English Trade Gun by Jack Brooks SOLD

This is a really well built copy of the early Type G English Trade Guns, circa 1740, by Jack Brooks. This style of trade gun with painted on features is typical of guns traded or gifted to Indians in the southern colonies in colonial America. The architecture, hand wrought mounts, paint tone and decorative vine work all capture the true look and feel of these early English built guns. The barrel is a 46″ Getz octagon to round in 20 ga. smoothbore, and carries Jack’s “IB” stamp at the breech as well as the English proof marks of the period. The barrel has been charcoal blued using the same technology of the period. The round faced English lock is by RE Davis and has been hand engraved by Jack and polished bright. The stock is Beech with a deep red paint and inked floral designs. The dragon side plate, thumb piece, and butt plate finials are all hand engraved with authentic period patterns. Trigger pull length is 12 7/8″.

Price: $2500.00