RevSpec Category Archive: Accouterments

Long-Reversible Worm

This neatly made tow worm is approximately 3 1/4″ long when in use.   The worm end threads off the shank and may be screwed back on in the reverse position when not in use.  It then fits easily into short patchboxes or in the pouch for storage. Available in 8×32 or 10×32 threads.

Long-Diamond Finial Style

This style is also approximately 3 inches long or can be made to fit your individual requirements. Tapered threads on the ball puller are hand-filed on as were the originals. Both tow worm and ball puller are available with 8×32 or 10×32 threads.

Long-Wedding Band Style

This popular style is approximately 3 inches long and fits well into the patchbox of many rifles.  The tapered threads on the ball puller are hand-filed on, as were the originals. Both tow worm and ball puller are available with 8×32 or 10×32 threads.

Hand Forged Vent Pick

Each vent pick is individually hand forged of steel and hand finished for proper fit in touch-hole.

Hand Forged Knives

All of our knives are hand forged from the finest materials.  Hardened and tempered with care to produce a sharp, durable cutting edge.  Many authentic styles can be custom made to your individual requirements.

Tapered Iron Ram Rod Tips

As a complement to our authentic tow worms and ball pullers we make and offer long, tapered iron rom rod tips.  These tips are approximately 2 1/2 inches long and can be threaded foir either 8×32 or 10×32 threads.

Flint Striker

Our flint strikers are hand forged from high carbon steel and tempered to throw a good shower of sparks. Each one is individually hand made and unique.

Flint Knapping Hammer

Our hand forged knapping hammer is a very handy tool for any flintlock shooter.  It measures approximately 3 1/2″ long and fits nicely in the hunting pouch.  It does an excellent job of knapping the flint while in the gun and comes with a screwdriver forged on the end.

Eastern Wool Gun Cover

Our wool gun covers are locally made from high quality blanket grade wool.  They perform the necessary function of keeping moisture away from your rifle while also offering a cushion of protection during transportation.

Cows Knee

The Cows Knee is an absolute necessity for any flintlock shooter who wants to keep his gun shooting in wet or damp weather.  This leather lock cover is hand sewn from calf skin and comes with 2 leather thongs for attaching it to the gun.  This is a period correct item for serious hunter and …

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