RevSpec Category: Showcase Items

Colonial American Pistol

Introducing our newest kit, the Colonial American Pistol. This design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War. This project was many years in the making with exhaustive research and prototype work. With the exception of the Small Siler Lock, each and every […]

William Antes Pistol **STOLEN**

**This William Antes pistol was STOLEN. If you have any information on its whereabouts, please contact us** This pistol is based off of Wm. Antes work and reflects the bold recognizable decoration that Antes was known for.  The pistol was built from a blank of highly figured Curly Maple and has a custom made barrel […]

High Art in a Traditional Knife

This is an example of a custom, hand made knife by Shane that features a fully hand forged blade made of High Carbon spring steel. The Hand Forged Guard features filed bevel work, heart piercings and a series of decorative tapered holes. The iron wedding band bolster was hand turned, and is accentuated by sterling […]

Wrought Iron Fighting Knife

This is an example of a fighting knife that was made here through our custom shop.  The 10″ blade was traditionally hand forged from original un-worked Wrought Iron.   It was heat treated using traditional 18th Century methods to carbon soak the blade ensuring a good edge.  The S-guard, pommel, and bolster were all hand […]

Custom Dagger

This is an example of a custom made dagger by Shane.  The customer had an idea of what he wanted, which included a diamond shaped handle with a diamond shape inlay in the pommel.  The blade is hand forged from 1095 spring steel and is a double edge dagger.  It features a through tang that […]

Large Belt Knife Mounted in Sterling Silver

This large fighting knife by Shane was hand forged from 1095 spring steel, featuring a 10″ blade with an overall length of 15″. The thickness of the spine at the bolster is almost 1/4″ and the height of the blade is 1 5/8″. Construction of the knife consists of a full through tang that is […]

Custom Virginia Rifle

Many surviving "Early Virginia" rifles exhibit a very pleasing blend of both German and British traits and characteristics.  This cultural amalgamation results from German trained Gunsmiths mostly out of Eastern Pennsylvania migrating into the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to service the needs of the English residents on the Virginia frontier.  The rifle shown here is […]

Johanes Faber Rifle

This rifle is based off the Johanes Faber rifle. This rifle features a 44″ Colerain barrel rifled in 50 cal and has a Chambers Virginia Lock.  With the exception of those two pieces the rest of the rifle exhibits all handmade mounts and hardware and is stocked from a blank of Curly Maple.  The sideplate […]

J.P. Beck

This rifle is built in the style of J.P. Beck.  It features a 38″ Colerain barrel in .54 caliber and a Chambers Golden Age lock that we re-worked to fit the project.  This rifle has a lot of custom features while also incorporating some commercially hardware.  The rifle features tapered pipes with matching tapered rod […]

Early York Rifle

This rifle by Shane Emig was built style York Co gunsmiths and exbits features of rifles seen during the Rev War period.  It features a one off custom lock made from castings that were reworked and refiled to produce a unique and visually pleasing flintlock.  The rifle features a custom wrought iron barrel with hand […]