RevSpec Category: Sold Items

54 caliber Colonial Virginia Rifle SOLD

This is one of our Colonial Virginia Rifles that Shane had built just a few years back. It has seen very little usage during that time and still remains in excellent condition. Our Virginia rifles feature a 42″ Colerain “c” weight barrel, Davis trigger and a large Siler lock, all hand tuned for a fast […]

Antique Sharpening Stone Holder SOLD

Neat original sharpening stone holder that’s decorated and made from horn.  It was intended to carry a workers sharpening stone for their sycthe while out working the fields.  It still retains its original iron belt hook and remains in original untouched condition.  Approx. 8″ long and 2 1/4″ wide at the top.

Art DeCamp Quill Pen Holder SOLD

Beautifully made pen holder by Art DeCamp. The horn selected for this piece offers beautiful colors marbled throughout the surface giving it loads of character. The pen holder is made from a tapered piece of horn, turned with wedding band moldings at the top and bottom, and chimed disks perfectly fit to cap each end. […]

Antique Horn Goblet SOLD

This is an interesting and unique original horn goblet, being made with a 3 piece construction, each piece fitting inside the next and then pinned together. It measures 7 1/2″ tall overall with a 4″ deep cup. Price: $245.00

Large Dirk by Glenn McClain SOLD

Exceptional Scottish Dirk by Glenn McClain. This is a beautiful piece with a fully inlaid handle, file decorated and scrimshawed pommel cap and a tooled leather sheath with a decorative silver tip. It measures 17″ overall with a 12″ blade and remains in like new condition. Price: $1000.00

Embroidered Bag by Jim Webb SOLD

Nice embroidered bag by Jim Webb. This bag has full coverage with decorative embroidery on every surface. It’s in great shape, maintaining a very soft and well treated leather surface. The bag measures 10″ by 8″ wide with a double adjustable strap. Price: $375.00

Great Useable Original Horn SOLD

This is a great useable original horn that’s ready to be carried through the woods.  It’s been recently outfitted with a leather strap by Terry Crawford.  The horn exhibits a bold curve and twist making it great for right hand carry.  It’s sealed tight and will keep your powder dry all day with no issues.  […]