RevSpec Category: Sold Items

.62 Southern Smoothbore by Don Bruton SOLD

Nice .62 smoothboore built by Don Bruton in his southern “Boone Gun” style. It is stocked in a piece of plain Maple and features handmade mounts with an aged finish. The 47 1/4″ custom round tapered barrel was copied from a unique original, and made by Bobby Hoyt. The lock is a Kibler round faced […]

Curly Maple Handled Belt Knife SOLD

Really nice and well made Curly Maple handled belt knife. There is a makers mark on the blade but I am unaware of who’s it may be. The curly maple handle has a very ergonomic shape that feels great in the hand. It is finished off with an engraved pewter bolster, engraved brass spacer and […]

Speedy Hogarth Bag SOLD

This is a really nice Speedy Hogarth bag. Bought many years ago and has been very well cared for. It offers a ton of storage space with pockets everywhere, including a full size pocket on the back side. Comes with 2 brass buttons that can be installed if you wish. It has a 1 3/4″ […]

Engraved Powder Horn SOLD

Engraved powder horn by unknown maker. It is a right hand carry with a slight curve and twist. Adjustable leather strap made by Speedy Hogarth. The horn measures 15″ on the outside curve. Price: $100.00

Magnificent Pair of 17th Century Andirons SOLD

This rare and outstanding pair of 17th Century Andirons were made in France during the Louis 14th period dating to around 1675. They are of wrought iron construction and the “grain” of the iron can easily be seen on the legs. These andirons are in great original condition with no repairs or damages whatsoever. They […]

45 cal. Kibler Southern Mountain Rifle SOLD

This is a very nice, Walnut stocked, Kibler SMR built by Don Bruton. Don added a toe plate and muzzle cap to the rifle and finished off the iron mounts with a nice light ageing. The muzzle has also been hand coned for ease of loading. Great little rifle that has the look of a […]

Fingerwoven Bag by Tom Conde SOLD

Beautiful fingerwoven and beaded bag by Tom Conde. It was bought new from Tom and never used. Measures about 8.5″ wide by 5.5″ tall with a 44″ strap.   Price has been dropped from $1200 to $1000!! Price: $1000.00

Fingerwoven Garters by Tom Conde SOLD

Fingerwoven and beaded leg garters by Tom Conde. They were bought new from Tom and never used. They measure 35.5″ OAL, 13″ of beadwork and 2″ tall.   Price has been dropped from $550 to $500! Price: $500.00

Colonial American Pistol Kit SOLD

We have available one of our Colonial American Pistol Kits carved with a curly Maple stock.  This design is based largely on the work of immigrant German Gunsmiths in Eastern Pennsylvania prior to and during the Revolutionary War.   Available in .50 or .54 smooth, featuring our unique CNC Machined barrel that measures 8 3/4″ long […]

Original Screw Tip Powderhorn SOLD

Exceptional Eastern Pennsylvania screw tip powderhorn with great color and uncleaned original surfaces.  The horn exhibits a dramatic “curve and twist” profile with a wonderful “double tulip” screw on tip, as evidence of the expert skill of the original maker.  Another unique and very pleasing feature of this horn is the domed and decorated base […]